Friday, July 23, 2010

Tales of the Trail - Good, bad and ugly

As we travel along the Erie Canal bike trail we meet other travelers. As a jounalist, I listen to the tales of their travels. There were the travelers from Pittsburgh who encountered this "Trail Closed" sign in Lockport, NY. With no clear "detour" signs, they headed off as best they could. After miles of being lost, they finally ended up back on the trail via the Canalside Inn in Gasport. They had biked several miles out of their way to cover a mere 6 miles of the trail that was only closed for about a 1/4 mile.

But that is contrasted by other bikers from PA who arrived in Weedsport to spend a week going along the canal trail to Buffalo and back. Their dilemma was about where to park their car in Weedsport where it would be secure for a week. Somehow they ended up talking to the Mayor of Weedsport who arranged for them to have a parking space for the week, without charge. Hail to the Mayor!
We'll keep sharing their stories with you as we keep heading east toward Albany.
Thanks for checking in!

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