Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 3 - Part III - Lockport to Gasport, NY

Okay, we started this trip to BIKE the Erie Canal, not to cruise it. But with that 100 degree heat index, we chose NOT to bike the 26 miles we had planned. But, after careful consideration, we decided to complete Map 4 of our guide with a down-and-back, 6 mile ride to Gasport, NY. That would give us 12 miles of riding, even in the heat, and get us 6 miles further along our Erie Canal trek. So we did. As we arrived in Gasport, NY we looked across the canal and saw a building that had two big signs over its front door. They both read BEER and BEER! On a hot day. What were we to do? We stepped in the door and asked if they had beer for weary bikers and were greeted with wonderful hospitality at the Canalside Inn. Turns out the signs actually said BEEF and BEER, but beef wasn't on our minds at the time.
Maybe next week when we return to continue our 400 mile biking tour of the Erie Canal.

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