Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kate's condition + helmet safety

Nearly one week after her accident, Kate texted me about her injuries. "Still very black, blue, green, yellow, purple and sore." But she greeted her 6th grade class, and others (since she was the talk of the school), with all of her visible injuries and her dented helmet. Many of her students are no longer arguing with their parents about having to wear their bike helmets.
We downloaded this picture from the Internet for those of you who may have wondered about the right way to wear a helmet. Had Kate not been wearing her helmet properly, thereby exposing her left temple area to the blunt inpact of the roadway, I think that crash would have been much more severe, if not fatal. So wear a helmet; and wear it correctly!

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  1. We are all very, very happy that Kate is going to be alright, and yes, I am sure she will finish the ride, not a quitter, that one! Very glad you were wearing the helmet properly, girlfriend! I was glad to see you this weekend to "assess" the injuries. Heal well!