Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Central NY bicycling

We started in Utica, NY yesterday and arrived in Canajoharie this afternoon. On the way we passed through Herkimer, Ilion, St. Johnbury and got a sub in Fort Plain. Great riding. Our calculations are rough, but we figure we have covered ABOUT 315 miles so far. We're in the Albany segment and looking for the finish line in the next two weeks as time permits. Along the way we have met some gresat people. Here's a photo of young Emil we met along the trail. He's headed from Oswego, NY to Connecticut. Wish him well. He informed us that his name is easy to remember because it is "lime" spelled backward.

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  1. Oh hate to be a pain, but when you spell his name backwards it spells "Angel". He has always been one and I anticipate he will always be one. Of course I am a totally unbiased observer named Uncle Huey.